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Greg Morris

Title: Executive Consultant


Company: TOSS Consulting Group

Greg Morris is a respected executive with impressive accomplishments in a 30-year global career as a CEO, CFO, and COO in diverse industries and environments including the Restaurant & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Commercial Construction, Transportation, Insurance, Franchise Acquisition and Growth, and Private Equity Banking industries.

Blending acute business acumen with financial and operational expertise, his focus is always on strong leadership, finance and operations and sales and marketing working together, cost management, maximizing sales and profits, and improving efficiency and effectiveness of processes.  Mr. Morris has turned companies around but the focus is also to set up the company so they proactively don’t have to “turnaround.”   The 3 Ps and I (People, Processes, Product and Implementation) are proactively established so the company consistently looks forward and is continually staying ahead.  “Mr. Morris promotes a vision and leadership of teamwork, using the power of people within an organization to work together to achieve goals through emphasis on strong work ethics and strong company culture.

Currently, Mr. Morris is serving as a consultative resource for the Keiretsu Forum, a global investment community of accredited venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors.  He is also serving as a member of the Board of Directors of AnalyzeCorp. 

As the owner and Managing Director of TOSS Consulting Group, the company focuses on transformation, restructuring and performance improvement primarily for Hospitality Companies

Mr. Morris is an adjunct professor/guest speaker at the Hospitality Restaurant, College of Florida International University.

Other significant accomplishments:

  • Morris transformed an insolvent company into a thriving entity, achieving a 400% increase in revenues and turning annual losses to a 20% EBITDA gain
  • Reversed 40% EBITDA loss to a 10% profit gain in two years by transforming Sanctuary Builders from a multimillion-dollar home construction and development company to a commercial construction firm in poor economic times.
  • Drove annual bus production to 540 from 278 with Designline International Holdings in New Zealand and Australia by implementing enhanced processes that focused on engineering, operations, and that improved quality, increased sales and decreased costs.
  • As a Chief Financial Officer and a Board member of Uncle Julio’s, a high-end casual restaurant chain, he led the company to a 11% increase of comparable sales from a negative sales trend and increased the number of restaurants. His efforts also included working on the sale of the company for 8.5 times EBITDA which was almost double the market at the time
  • Coordinated an IPO and proceeds were used to “roll up” complementary businesses.
  • Was brought into a Company as CFO and than as COO due to a proxy fight to turnaround the Company. Improved the stock from $5 per share to $35 per share. Turned a 30% loss to a 20% profit in two years for ESC Medical Systems after restructuring sales process and sales force, adding new sales verticals and improving manufacturing processes and productivity.
  • Morris was the CFO at Arbys, Inc. franchisor and owner of quick service restaurants. He worked with franchising and company store growth and was a key leader of the company for what has been widely acclaimed as one of the most remarkable turnarounds and growth stories in the restaurant industry. The leadership team that achieved highest comparable sales in the QSR industry at the time.

Mr. Morris began his career with Coopers & Lybrand (now Price Waterhouse Coopers) as a Senior in Charge Accountant. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance and Real Estate from Florida State University.