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Christi Fraga

City of Doral

The City of Doral has been home to Christi Fraga and her Cuban-American family for over fifteen years. Naturally, when the time came for Christi and her husband, Gabriel Fraga, to decide where they would start a family, Doral was the only option. Christi graduated with distinction from St. Brendan High School and completed an Associate's Degree in Business Administration from Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC). In 2010, Christi graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Finance Management and Accounting from Florida International University (FIU). In 2014, she also earned a Certificate from the University of Miami's Good Government Initiative Leaders in Excellence Program. These accomplishments not only contributed to the strong foundation that underscores Christi's ability to thrive, but also served to inspire her to embark on several entrepreneurial ventures which led to her becoming the proud co-owner of three successful Doral businesses; South Florida Small Business Solutions, WM Plumbing, Inc., and Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream and Yogurt Lab. While attaining her education and starting her career, Christi envisioned herself going forward as a well-rounded, determined, and passionate business and community leader. Therefore, in 2012, she decided to run a vigorous campaign for Seat #3 on Doral's City Council, and in November of that year, she was elected as the youngest councilmember in the City's history. A year later, in 2013, Christi was appointed by her colleagues to serve as the City's Vice Mayor, a position she will undertake once again in November 2015. To empower the youth in Doral, Christi spearheaded the creation of the Youth Advisory Board, a group of young civic leaders brought together to promote youth involvement in government service.