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David M. Harper

Principal, Driector of Higher Education

David grew up shadowing his father, a construction superintendent on large-scale commercial projects, and decided at the age of 12 that he wanted to become an architect. But the event that drastically shaped his views on architecture hit on August 24, 1992: Hurricane Andrew. "I remember bringing relief supplies to a woman whose entire house had been blown away. There was just an empty concrete slab where her home stood just two days before. I vowed that we would build better and that we had to do better in both design and construction." That experience helped shape David's focus on sustainable building systems. Today, David continues to advance new design and building technologies while focusing on his architectural forte of higher education. David is strongly committed to improving the lives of college students through the design of live and learn environments that respond to campus context and history, and increase sustainability through energy conservation and innovative construction methods.